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Body Cleanse Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Body Cleanse work?

    • When you come in to use the Body Cleanse, you will begin by having your energy and mineral levels tested to make sure it is safe to have a Body Cleanse that day. If your levels are too low, you will need to return at another time. Next, you will be tested to determine the level at which your body needs to be detoxified. The Body Cleanse unit has 5 different levels to detox your system:

      • Strong detox
      • Mild detox when body is not acidic
      • Mild detox when body is acidic
      • Normal detox when body is acidic
      • Normal detox when body is not acidic

      Each level emits a chosen amount of positive and negative ions. Approximately 95% of people of Western Culture are in an acid state; that is, their bodies contain an excess of positively charged hydrogen ions, and their blood pH is lower than 7.35. Many toxins and free radicals are positively charged and acid forming. Free radicals have unpaired electrons and the "scavenging" of another electron to establish electrical balance is what robs our healthy cells and organs of their well-being and can contribute to degeneration and disease. In short - the ions boost the energy needed at the cellular level to help push the toxins from the plasma membranes. Please note: the Body Cleanse cannot differentiate between toxins and good minerals. You will need to take a mineral supplement to replace the good minerals that are removed during the session.

  • Who should not use the Body Cleanse?

    • The Body Cleanse should not be used by anyone with the following conditions: Anyone with a battery-operated implant (such as pacemakers), anyone who is an insulin-dependant diabetic, anyone who has received an organ transplant, pregnant women, women who are lactating. Our staff has your best interest in mind, so you will be required to fill-out a health questionnaire.

  • Can I use the Body Cleanse while taking prescription drugs?

    • This question is quite tricky, as there are so many prescription drugs. As a rule, we feel it is fine for people taking day-to-day prescription drugs to use the Body Cleanse, as long as you and your physician are comfortable with it.

  • Is the Body Cleanse safe to use for people who have metal plates in their body?

    • Yes, it is perfectly safe. Our only concern is "electrical implants" in the body.

  • What should I do if I feel sick during the Body Cleanse?

    • If you feel unwell or unsure at any time during the Body Cleanse, get out. The most important thing is that you are comfortable. If this happens, don't feel bad. Try to stay a few minutes longer the next time until you feel comfortable completing the 30-minute Body Cleanse.

  • Why do I feel tired after the Body Cleanse?

    • Our bodies do most of their regenerating while we sleep. A lot of people comment that they feel tired after the Body Cleanse, and it is recommended that these people have their Body Cleanse in the evening before retiring for the night so their bodies can get that well-deserved rest they need. Other people comment of feeling very active after a Body Cleanse, and it is recommended that these people have their Body Cleanse in the morning or daytime.

  • Why do certain parts of my body "tingle" when using the Body Cleanse?

    • Certain parts of your body may tingle or slightly hurt, as this is the area on which your body may be focusing attention. Thinking back, you may remember an injury or some event that caused damage to that area. If this tingle or slight pain becomes too uncomfortable, it is recommended that you finish your Body Cleanse at a later time. Generally, the next time you use the Body Cleanse, it won't be so uncomfortable.

  • Why do I get "tingles" in my legs when I have never injured them?

    • Some who have never injured their legs have reported this sensation and equate it to energy flowing from the feet to the rest of the body. As previously stated, if you ever feel uncomfortable, stop the Body Cleanse and assess when you should have your next Body Cleanse.

  • Can I wear jewelry while using the Body Cleanse?

    • The Body Cleanse system is reproducing all the frequencies of the body in its entirety. If you are wearing jewelry, in particular cosmetic jewelry, the system will reproduce all the frequencies of the body, including those of the jewelry, as though they are one. This does not produce a desirable effect. In order for the Body Cleanse to work on your body at its optimal efficiency, there should be as few variables as possible. Therefore, we recommend, where possible and with the least amount of inconvenience, that you do remove jewelry before using the Body Cleanse.

  • Should I shower before using the Body Cleanse?

    • In most cases, it is not necessary to take a shower before using the Body Cleanse. However, if you work around dangerous chemicals or are covered in substances such as paint, oil, or grease, we recommend that you wash these substances off before using the Body Cleanse, as these foreign substances could interfere with the Body Cleanse or possibly even cause an adverse skin reaction.

  • How do I remove the toxins from my skin after using the Body Cleanse?

    • When you finish a Body Cleanse session, you will be given a tub of clean water, soap, a wash cloth, and a towel to properly remove any toxins that may have collected on your skin.

  • How often can I use the Body Cleanse?

    • As a general rule, the maximum cleansing frequency for persons under 50 years of age is once every other day for 14 sessions with a 2-week break before beginning the next sequence. The maximum cleansing frequency for persons over 50 years of age is once every 3rd day with a 2-week break after 14 sessions.

      Our recommendation for the maximum cleansing frequency is no more than 2 sessions per week for 12-14 sessions, with a 2-week break before beginning the next sequence or beginning a maintenance schedule. We recommend a once-per-month maintenance cleansing, after you feel you have been fully detoxed.

Text courtesy of Natural Touch Health Alternatives


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